Saturday, February 26, 2005

Highway Madness

I know that the few people reading this blog are already aware of the execrable "Legacy Highway Hotsheet." If not, then please check it out. The state of Utah is contemplating/attempting to spend billions of dollars on a highway connecting two growing suburbs of Salt Lake City, and it has become very controversial. The local planners (I use that term liberally because it is difficult to discern that any planning went into the development of the area involved) of Davis County, Utah who advocate the road have started a blog to build support for it. It's an interesting read not only for people who like to read and talk about urban planning issues.

I think the most interesting thing about the Legacy Parkway Hotsheet is the way this blog is used as a tool of political communication. Sure, there are lots of political blogs, from the chattering-commentator set to campaign blogs to ordinary people who want to spout off into the ether. This site is different because you have town officials creating a blog, making arguments in support of their road (usually unconvincing aphorisms about growth), and yet utterly shooting themselves in the foot by their inability to confront their critics in the comments section. They have yet to respond to their detractors in any concrete, issue-oriented way, beyond limp accusations of leftward political orientation, unemployment and mental illness. I've enjoyed hours of entertainment seeing these people revealed as the unorginal, uninsprired, and until now unchalleneged, weak minds and intellects who would waste billions of our tax dollars to achieve visions like these:

road road2 road3 parking lot


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