Tuesday, March 15, 2005

No Talent Ass-Clown?

Entertainment Weekly had an interview with Michael Bolton and asked him the question on everyone's mind:

EW: "You're referred to as a 'no-talent ass-clown' in Office Space. Is there a legitimate defense to this?"

Michael BoltonMB: "Well, no, just Grammys and awards given by my peers...I have signed so many Office Space DVDs, and I have it, but I've never seen it. From what I've heard, they should do an Office Space 2, and I should meet Michael Bolton in it."

As to his first statement, the one about the Grammys and awards, was no doubt meant to show that Michael Bolton is an established and respected recording artist, thank you very much. But as far as I'm concerned, they tend to prove his being an ass-clown.

Otherwise, props are due to Mr. Bolton for displaying a general good humor about the drubbing he receives in Office Space. But who owns it on DVD yet has never seen it?


At 3/19/2005 6:51 PM, Blogger Justin said...

I think he has talent. I mean, he has an okay voice. He really does. Let's be honest. That's a talent.

But he's so irrepressibly cheesy. He is just incapable of not making an ass of himself anytime a camera or tape recorder is nearby. The ass-clown part is gospel.


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