Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Pithy Quotes From Hitchens...

Just finished Christopher Hitchens "Letters To A Young Contrarian." It has alot of pithy quotes that will no doubt get a lot of exercise at cocktail parties to come. I'm not sure that I learned much beyond that, although I enjoyed the book very much. Some highlights:

1) Laughter can be the most unpleasant sound; it's an essential element in mob conduct and is part of the background noise of taunting and jeering at lynchings and executions. Very often, crowds or audiences will laugh complicitly or slavishly, just to show they "see" the joke and are all together.(p. 116) -- this reminded me of the comments section of Zach's blog.

2) It is told of Freud that when he was trapped in Vienna by the Anschluss, he asked the Nazis for a safe-conduct to leave. They granted this on condition that he signed a statement saying that he had been well-treated. He asked for permission to add an extra sentence and to their delighted surprise wrote: "I can thoroughly recommend the Gestapo to anybody." (p. 117)

3) An unforgetable moment in Doctor Zhivago puts the cynic Komarovsky in the saddle: a salon of bourgeois riffraff falls silent and uneasy as the crod of workers sings the revolutionary anthem underneath the balcony; he punctures the tension by exclaiming, "Perhaps they'll learn to sing in tune after the revolution!"(p.119)

Sunday, April 24, 2005

New York Marathon

So I had my bachelor's party this weekend. I drove up to New York City with my friends Mike, Lee and Jim. There, we met up with my other friend, Zach, who planned a night of fun in Brooklyn.

The itinerary was a mystery. We caught a cab for Greenpoint, then took a walk.

Mystery Walk

...and ended up at the Brooklyn Brewery.

Brooklyn Brewery

The best part of the tour was the free beer at the end.

The First of Many Beers

Leaving the brewery, we couldn't find a cab and spent 45 min. taking the subway back to the hotel.

Bedford Subway Stop

Then, after meeting up with a group of high school, college and law school friends, we headed out to dinner at a Viennese restaurant.

dinner pic #1
dinner pic #2
dinner pic #3

After dinner, we took a quick cab ride to a club in Williamsburg called Northsix :

Northsix bar

to see The Fucking Champs:

The Fucking Champs

...the show rocked.

The Fucking Champs Show

Later, we went to another bar in Williamsburg with pictures of naked ladies on the walls:

Roughly 2:15am

...this was followed by a stint at the Royal Oak, also in Brooklyn.

Old Fashioneds at the Royal Oak

Some random drunk girl messed up our group picture.

Drunk Girl Devil Horns
Group Photo At the Royal Oak

We closed out the Royal Oak at 4:00 am and went to a diner in Brooklyn Heights for breakfast.

Breakfast in Brooklyn Heights

Finally, at we finished up the party at the Brooklyn Heights Promenade 6:15am. The fog was so bad that you couldn't see Manhattan, but I was so tired that I didn't care.

Foggy View

All in all, I couldn't have asked for a better time!


Saturday, April 09, 2005

Springtime With Fat Tourists

This is the best time of year to live in Washington, D.C.

The sky is spotless.
Washington Monument & Tidal Basin
The air is fragrant with cherry blossoms.
Cherry Blossoms
The temperature is warm, but not hot.
Tidan Basin
The only problem is having to wade through denim shorts-wearing, ice cream-chomping, slow-moving, fat-ass tourists.
Self-Herding Fat Tourists