Monday, October 10, 2005

Hitch-Galloway Debate

This is a very cogent account of the September 14 Hitchens-Galloway debate.

Had I read this a few weeks earlier,

[Hitchens knew well his audience of cosmopolitan socialists—after all, he was once one himself. By repeatedly calling for “internationalism” and “solidarity,” he understood how to appeal to their sympathies. And he also knew how to push their buttons. The highlight of the evening arrived when, fed up with the boorish crowd, he addressed them directly:] “There are probably some people among you here who fancy yourself as having leftist revolutionary credentials,” he said, in a discussion of Kurdish and Iraqi opponents of Saddam’s regime. “And, in fact, I can tell that you do by the zoo noises you make and the scars you can demonstrate from your long underground twilight struggle against Dick Cheney. But while you’re masturbating in that manner, the Iraqi secular left…[is] fighting for [its] lives against the most vicious and indiscriminate form of fascist violence that any country in the region has seen for a very long time.”

...I would have printed the paragraph out onto pamphlets and distributed them to the people who showed up for the International ANSWER anti-war gathering on the mall.


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